Traditional Cold Tomato Soup - Gaspacho- $4
Garlic Soup - Sopa De Ajo- $4
Spanish Vegetable Soup - Caldo Gallego- $4

Shrimp in a Garlic Sauce - Camarones En Salsa De Ajo- $9
Broiled Spanish Sausage - Chorizo A la Plancha- $7
Fried Squid (Lightly Breaded) - Calamares Fritos- $7
Mussels in a Hot Tomato Sauce - Mejillones En Salsa De Tomate Picante- $7
Clams Casino - Almejas Rellenas- $8
Clams in a Green Sauce - Almejas En Salsa Verde- $8
Stuffed Mushrooms:
Champignones Rellenos Con Carne De Cangrejo & Queso Mascarpone- $8
Portabella Mushrooms Sauteed in a Balsamic Vinegar:
Portabella Salteado Con Vinagre Balsamico- $8

Beef Tenderloin- $9
Sauteed Jumbo Shrimp- $11
Grilled Chicken Breast- $8
Blackened Salmon Over Ceasar- $10

Ask your server about our sandwich selections

Entrees - Meat and Poultry
Veal Scallopini w/ Roast Peppers in a Lemon-Wine Sauce - Ternera Madrid- $12
Veal Scallopini w/ Fresh Mushrooms in a Marsala Wine Sauce - Ternera Marsala- $12
Broiled Delmonico Steak (Bone-less Strip Loin) - Bistec A Las Brasas- $14
Pork Chops in a Garlic Sauce - Chuletas De Cerdo En Salsa De Ajo- $10
Chicken Breast in a Garlic Sauce - Pechuga De Pollo En Salsa De Ajo- $9
Filet Mignon Medalions in a Port Wine Sauce w/ Mild Mushrooms:
Medallones De Solomillo En Salsa De Vino De Porto- $15

Entrees - Seafood Specialties
Shell Fish Casserole in a Saffron Rice w/ Sausage & Chicken - Paella Valenciana- $15
Shell Fish Casserole in a Light Tomato-Brandy Sauce:
Mariscada En Salsa De Tomate Con Brandy- $15
Shell Fish Casserole w/ Garbanzo Beans - Cazuela De Mariscos Con Garbanzos- $15
Fried Jumbo Shrimp (Lightly Breaded) - Camarones Fritos- $12
Broiled Filet of Atlantic Salmon - Filete De Salmon a La Plancha- $11
Shrimp w/ Scallops in an Apple-Champagne Sauce:
Camarones Con Vieiras En Salsa De Champan- $13
Shrimp in a Garlic Sauce - Camarones Al Ajillo- $13
Shrimp in a Fra-Diavolo Sauce - Camarones Enchilados- $13
Jumbo shrimp stuffed w/shrimp, scallops, & mascapone cheese- $14
Stuffed tilapia w/shrimp, scallops, & crabmeat served with a touch of lemon:
Saucetiapia rellena- $13
Grilled mahi mahi w/sliced garlic, virgin olive oil, & spanish paprika:
Mahi mahi con salsa bilbaina- $13
Orange roughy w/shrimp in a white wine sauce- $13
Fillet of sole stuffed w/salmon & spinach in a champagne sauce- Filete de lenguado- $12

Entrees - Pasta
Lobster Ravioli in a White Cream Sauce- $10
Penne Pasta w/ Shrimp in a Pink Vodka Sauce- $10
Vegetarian Pasta- $9
Linguini with mussels & shrimp in a chef marinera sauce:
Pasta con mejillones y camarones- $10
Four cheese ravioli in a tomato basil sauce- $8

All Entrees served with Rice, Fresh Vegetables & Spanish Style Fried Potatoes
Extra Plate $3.00